ChatGPT Policy for Higher Ed Institutions Certification

Dr. Jim Castagnera, an expert higher education attorney, will explore ChatGPT/AI policy development for higher education institutions, taking into account existing ChatGPT/AI guidance and new law in development concerning ChatGPT/AI. Learn how to apply, consider, and write an effective ChatGPT/AI policy for your higher education institutions.

What You'll Learn

  • ChatGPT Policy guidelines and considerations for staff v. students
  • Existing state guidelines to reference and adhere to
  • How ChatGPT policies mesh, collide, and otherwise interact with student data privacy laws, notably FERPA  
  • How ChatGPT can be utilized and referenced for research and publications v. student assignments and assessments
  • ChatGPT policies for admissions, scholarships, and other university departmental and office considerations 
  • All courses include a PDF version of the presentation slides along with any additional materials or resources provided by the presenter
  • One certification exam attempt is included
ChatGPT Policy for Higher Ed Institutions Certification
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3 Live Sessions

Each 60 Minutes

Tuesday - Friday

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Training Overview

Urgent Webinar Series: ChatGPT & Generative AI Policy in Higher Education

In 2024, the discourse surrounding ChatGPT and generative AI spans from pessimistic forecasts to visionary promises.

ChatGPT necessitates a fundamental reevaluation of the higher-education landscape. While individual faculty members grapple with this shift, the true challenge is institutional.

Comprehensive policy adaptations rooted in pedagogical prowess and procedural efficacy are imperative. This three-session certification event will provide a deep dive into the complexities of ChatGPT and generative AI, offering more insight than any single webinar or training session.

Webinar 1: ChatGPT/AI Policy for Faculty and Students

  • A model policy for adaptation or comparison by your institution
  • Ensuring compliance with FERPA and state requirements
  • Coordinating with your code of social conduct, and your academic-integrity & student-disability policies

Webinar 2: ChatGPT/AI Research Integrity Policy

  • A model policy for adaptation or comparison by your institution
  • Ensuring compliance with Federal Government standards for research integrity

Webinar 3: ChatGPT/AI Policy for Administrators and Staff

  • A model policy for adaptation or comparison by your institution
  • Special considerations for admissions officers and staff
  • Special considerations for financial-aid officers and staff
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Presidents
  • Provosts
  • VPs of Academic Affairs
  • Ass’t/Assoc Provosts & VPs
  • Department chairs
  • Program directors
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Higher-Education non-profit groups
  • School leaders
  • Educators
  • Faculty/Teachers/Instructors
  • Learning strategists
  • Future teachers
  • Teaching assistants & graduate assistants
  • School curriculum directors
  • Instructional support staff
  • Higher-Education legal counsel

Expert Presenter

Jim Castagnera
  • Member and the Chief Consultant of Holland Media Services LLC, a communications and training company with offices in Philadelphia and Los Angeles
  • Member of Portum Group International LLC, a cybersecurity and privacy consulting firm in Philadelphia
  • Of Counsel to Washington International Business Counsel
  • Adjunct Professor of Law in the Kline School of Law at Drexel University
  • 10 years as a labor, employment, and intellectual-property attorney with Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr
  • 23 years as associate provost and legal counsel for academic affairs at Rider University
  • Holds an M.A. in Journalism from Kent State University
  • J.D. and Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University

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