[3-Part Series] How To Assess Your Nonprofit Before The End Of The Year

Kim Vaccari, Nonprofit Consultant and a long-term CFO at the largest nonprofit in New York City, will guide you through the critical areas you need to focus on to set up your organization for success.

Sessions Include:

  • Organizational Structure And Governance
  • Financial Infrastructure
  • Risk Management
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Training Overview

3 Assessments To Drive Success In 2022

Now is the perfect time to make critical assessments to drive your nonprofit’s success in 2022 and beyond. You need to position your organization to move on from the pandemic, confront inflation, address staffing shortages, and meet the growing demand for services.

The most successful nonprofits periodically review their organizational structures, financial infrastructures, and risk management strategies. Taking an in-depth look at these areas at the end of the year will enable you to identify ways to increase efficiency and solidify plans to improve results.

We have assembled a three-webinar series to give you the practical information and tactical guidance you need to undertake these revealing assessments.

Essential Assessment 1:

Organizational Structure And Governance

  • Board structure
  • Organizational chart
  • Strategies to use your board as an extension of resources
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Legal issues
  • Liability
  • Policies and procedures

Essential Assessment 2:

Financial Infrastructure

  • Finance department effectiveness
  • Financial controls
  • Policies and procedures
  • Workflow documentation
  • Budgeting practices
  • Required expertise
  • Meaningful financial reports
  • Using financial data to inform decision-making

Essential Assessment 3:

Risk Management

  • Types of risk
  • Strategies to mitigate risk
  • Holistic risk assessment
  • Ranking and prioritizing risk
  • Best practices for ongoing risk management
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Executive directors
  • Chief executives
  • Financial officers
  • Board members
  • Nonprofit counsel
  • Senior management
  • Managers
  • Human resources professionals
  • Development directors and managers
  • Anyone thinking about starting a nonprofit
What's included
Training includes
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • All resources and training materials

Expert Presenter

Kim Vaccari
  • 25 years of experience in the financial industry
  • Founder and President of NFP Advisors LLC, a firm dedicated to serving the nonprofit community
  • Previously CFO for the New York City Economic Development Corporation, CFO for the New Jersey Transit Corporation, and Director of Finance for the New York MTA
  • Worked as a public finance investment banker serving transportation agencies, government entities, and not-for-profits
  • Has presented and written extensively on financial and risk practices for nonprofits