[Multi-Session Series] So You Have a Student With... Now What?

Behavior specialist Ryan Jeffery, student engagement expert Dr. Benjamin Johnson, mindfulness researcher Susan Shapiro, and bereavement counselor Jayneen Jones share proven techniques you can use to help students excel. You will learn specific strategies differentiated based on the challenges each student is facing.

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Multi-Session series scheduled for 60 - 75 minutes including question and answer period.

Training Overview

Webinars to help teachers with different student challenges. Learn strategies for specific mental, emotional, and developmental disorders.

Your school is filled with students who have various challenges that get in the way of their learning. The pandemic has exacerbated some disorders, increased the diagnoses of others, and delayed interventions for more. You can take action now to turn things around and help all students excel while reducing classroom disruptions in the second semester.

We are offering a series of specific training sessions with unique strategies that every teacher and administrator in your school can use to help each student learn. You need to apply differentiated and proven techniques to connect with each member of your classroom community in a personally engaging way.

You can purchase this bundle of valuable content to enable your entire school staff to find resources to help the specific students with whom they work. The information-packed webinars and videos offer individual and classroom management strategies that your team can put into practice immediately.

Detailed sessions address the following challenges:

  1. So You Have A Student That Is Stressed… Now What?
  2. So You Have A Student With Aggressive Or Violent Behavior… Now What?
  3. So You Have a Student With Oppositional Defiant Disorder… Now What?
  4. So You Have a Student With ADHD… Now What?
  5. So You Have A Student With Depression… Now What?
  6. So You Have a Student With Autism… Now What?
  7. So You Have a Student With A Learning Disability... Now What?
  8. So You Have A Student With Trauma/PTSD... Now What?
  9. So You Have A Student With Dyslexia… Now What?
  10. So You Have A Student With Anxiety... Now What?
  11. So You Have A Student With An Executive Functioning Disorder… Now What?
  12. So You Have A Student Who's Disruptive...Now What?
  13. So You Have A Student Experiencing Grief/Loss… Now What?
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Vice and assistant principals
  • Department chairs
  • Clinical staff
  • Program directors
  • Special education directors
  • District administrators
  • Other school leaders
  • Behavior specialists
  • Learning strategists
  • Student services directors
  • Teachers
What's included
Training includes
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • All resources and training materials

Expert Presenter

Ryan Jeffery
  • Sought-after PreK-12 behavior intervention trainer
  • Coach in the public education community
  • Interprets defiant behaviors
  • Helps teachers gain student compliance with calm, confident, and consistent approaches to behavior

Expert Presenter

Jayneen Jones
  • Bereavement Coordinator for Holy Cross Home Care & Hospice Bereavement Center
  • National board certified counselor with over 15 years of clinical expertise
  • Delivers keynote speeches and leads training seminars for industry events and religious organizations
  • Certifications in suicide prevention, grief bereavement and coping with loss, and Arise Life-Skills
  • Bachelor's degree in psychology from Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Master's degree in counseling psychology from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

Expert Presenter

Susan Shapiro
  • Assistant Professor of Early Childhood and Special Education at Touro Graduate School of Education
  • Co-Director of the new DEEL (Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership) Community Network
  • Certified meditation and mindfulness teacher
  • Conducted research on ethical leadership and on crises in Early Childhood Education.
  • Published in journals and books on topics of early childhood leadership and ethical leadership and mindfulness
  • Doctor of Education

Expert Presenter

Ben Johnson
  • Educator for over 30 years
  • Master teacher who has taught nearly every grade and all the core subjects
  • Led districts and schools to greater heights in four states and recently saved a start-up charter school from failure as its Executive Director
  • Author of Teaching Students to Dig Deeper, now in its second edition
  • Founder of Learning Craft, a company that aims at helping parents and educators to give their students learning traits and success capacities
  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix
  • Master of Arts in Education Administration from Cal State San Bernardino
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Math Teaching from the Brigham Young University