Christy Foister
Christy Foister is the Senior Accountant at a billion-dollar bank, where she specialized in the Quarterly Call Report, Financial Statements and Consolidations of multiple companies. Through the first part of her career, she worked in public accounting preparing taxes for individuals, small business, and corporations. During those six years, she also performed internal audits for banks. Although most of her career has been in banking, she has maintained client relationships with her tax clients and has multiple clients that she performs bookkeeping and taxes services for on an annual basis. She owes her knowledge of Accounting to Florida State University College of Business, where she received a double major in Accounting and Real Estate.
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Professional achievements:
Senior accountant at a $1 billion bank, specializing in the quarterly call report, financial statements, and consolidation of multiple companies
Performed internal audits for banks
Provides bookkeeping and tax services for individuals, small businesses, and corporations
Graduated from Florida State University College of Business with a double-major in accounting and real estate
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