Trina Willard
Trina Willard provides organizations with measurement, research and evaluation services that inform business planning and future organizational development. She launched Knowledge Advisory Group (KAG) in 2010, working with government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. KAG’s approach is practical and designed to solve problems in the real world. Each project has one driving principle: Simple and meaningful. Now a sought-after speaker and trainer, Trina brings an extensive background in measurement, evaluation, and consulting to her work.
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Professional achievements:
Launched Knowledge Advisory Group (KAG) in 2010, specializing in program design, measurement, and evaluation
Shares her perspectives in reports, articles, professional briefings, training events, professional meetings, and conferences
Previously Vice President and Director of Measurement for Transformation Systems Inc.
Served for nearly a decade as Chief of the Evaluation Unit of the Virginia
Department of Criminal Justice Services, Criminal Justice Research Center M.S. in Applied-Experimental Psychology from Virginia Tech
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Courses run by Trina Willard

  • Designing New Programs And Services In Response To A Crisis
    Designing New Programs And Services In Response To A Crisis