ChatGPT Certification for Educators

Renowned educators who pioneered ChatGPT in the classroom will show you how to unlock the magic. You will earn a meaningful certification to demonstrate your knowledge and advance your career. Leveraging artificial intelligence effectively will allow you to save many hours of your valuable time.

What You'll Learn

  • Explore practical applications of ChatGPT in teaching
  • Improve student outcomes through AI technology
  • Master essential ChatGPT prompts for efficient classroom use
  • Stay ahead by integrating innovative AI into teaching methods
  • Streamline lesson planning and save time as a teacher
  • All courses include a PDF version of the presentation slides along with any additional materials or resources provided by the presenter
  • One certification exam attempt is included
ChatGPT Certification for Educators
Live Session

8 Live Sessions

60-75 Minutes

Mon-Fri, Mon-Wed

Q&A Included

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Training Overview

AI Impact: Prepare Your Teachers with ChatGPT Certification!

49% of teachers aren't prepared for AI. The urgency is clear: teachers need immediate support.

In this era of rapid AI advancement, the hurdles educators face are unique and daunting. Our ChatGPT certification simplifies the knowledge, skills, and insights need to utilize ChatGPT. This a webinar specifically designed to teach effective strategies tailored for educators.

While some have started exploring ChatGPT, now is the time to master it. Invest in your educators' preparedness and secure their future success. Purchase our ChatGPT Certification for your teachers today and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow in education.

How Educators Can Use ChatGPT

Runtime: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

How to Use ChatGPT to Save Time as a Teacher

Runtime: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

How to Prepare for The New Semester With ChatGPT

Runtime: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

The A-Z of Using ChatGPT for Lesson Planning

Runtime: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

How to Use ChatGPT to Write Behavior Plans

Runtime: 75 minutes (including Q&A)

How to Use ChatGPT to Write IEP Goals

Runtime: 75 minutes (including Q&A)

How to Use ChatGPT to Personalize Learning for Students

Runtime: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

How to Use ChatGPT to Provide Feedback to Students

Runtime: 60 minutes (including Q&A)

Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • K-12 classroom teachers
  • Instructional coaches
  • District professional development coordinators
  • Directors of curriculum and instruction
  • Personnel and human resources directors
  • Department chairpersons
  • Teaching assistants
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Future teachers
  • Special education directors
  • District administrators
  • Other school leaders
  • Behavior specialists
  • Learning strategists

Expert Presenter

Ryan Jeffery
  • Sought-after PreK-12 behavior intervention trainer
  • Coach in the public education community
  • Interprets defiant behaviors
  • Helps teachers gain student compliance with calm, confident, and consistent approaches to behavior

Expert Presenter

Jessica Lyons
  • High school English teacher in Indiana
  • Served as a department head and a PLC leader
  • 19-year career
  • Master’s degree in English from Arizona State University
  • Master’s degree in Curriculum Design from Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Administrator’s license

Expert Presenter

Katelynn Giordano
  • Middle-level language arts educator in Barrington, Illinois
  • Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Teach Better Team
  • Passionate about student voice and empowerment, promoting equity, and valuing teachers as professionals
  • Spoke at state and national conferences on assessment and grading practices, language arts instruction, social-emotional learning, and equitable teaching practices
  •  Presented information on action research in the classroom with a team at the National Council of Teachers of English Convention in Baltimore
  • Contributed chapters to innovative books on educational practice, including The New Teacher’s Guide to Overcoming Common Challenges and 100 No-Nonsense Things that ALL Teachers Should STOP Doing

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