Microsoft® Office Skills Bundle: Excel, PowerPoint, And Word

Technology experts Jackie Kiadii, Heather Legge, and Melissa Esquibel will show you how to wrangle Excel, PowerPoint, and Word to do everything you need and more. You will impress your employer and yourself with your new knowledge of advanced content creation and formatting features.

What's Included:

  • Electronic Spreadsheet Fundamentals Certification
  • [5-Part Series] How To Make Better PowerPoint® Slides
  • How To Format Reports In Microsoft Word
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Training Bundle
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Training Overview

All the Microsoft® Office skills you need to advance your career. Learn powerful and time-saving techniques to power your career.

While you might be able to stretch your income farther by using Microsoft® Office to craft a personal budget, it is even more exciting to apply your advanced skills with this top productivity suite to get a promotion, raise, or another job. Professionals who can create spreadsheets, presentations, and reports artfully and efficiently are in high demand.

Now is an ideal time for upskilling! The job market is full of lucrative opportunities. Staffing shortages make it necessary for you to do more in less time in any role.

To help you increase your value, we are offering a bundle of 11 comprehensive Microsoft® Office webinars designed to give you the time-saving tips you need to elevate your career:

Microsoft® Office Skills Bundle

Component 1: Electronic Spreadsheet Fundamentals Certification

Runtime of each session: 90 minutes

  • Creating workbooks
  • Basic formulas and functions
  • Formatting
  • Tables and charts
  • Date and text functions

Component 2: [5-Part Series] How To Make Better PowerPoint® Slides

Runtime of each session: 75 minutes

  • Foundations and design best practices
  • Engagement techniques
  • Delivery, font, and colors
  • Image essentials
  • Movement

Component 3: How To Format Reports In Microsoft Word

Runtime: 60 minutes

  • Styles, themes, templates, and quick parts
  • Headers, footers, and page numbers that behave
  • Document sections and the common pitfalls
  • Pictures, diagrams, and charts
  • Collaboration with consistent formatting

We are not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Microsoft® or Microsoft Excel®.

Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Everyone who works with spreadsheets, presentations, or documents
What's included
Training includes
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • All resources and training materials
  • Eleven online training videos

Expert Presenter

Jackie Kiadii
  • Founder of Phoenix Computer Consultants, LLC, an Atlanta-based IT services firm
  • Helping clients leverage technology to increase their productivity and profitability since 2001
  • Provides curriculum development, consulting, and training in Microsoft 365® applications
  • Microsoft® Certified Trainer and Microsoft® Certified Expert – Excel

Expert Presenter

Heather Legge
  • Certified executive coach and keynote speaker
  • Founder of Envision Success Inc.
  • Author of Lead With Moxie
  • Senior Training Specialist for InterAction Training
  • Worked with hundreds of leaders in organizations of all sizes
  • Spent over 15 years in multiple industries transforming organizational performance through business analysis, project management, training, and employee development
  • Master's degree in business administration

Expert Presenter

Melissa Esquibel
  • More than 30 years working with business application technology
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Office Specialist-Master (MOSM)
  • Helps users make friends with their technology and have a little fun doing it
  • Has spoken internationally at numerous conferences and dozens of companies and organizations, large and small
  • Offers classroom, conference, and online presentations, as well as content development, team/individual coaching, and project consulting for most office productivity platforms (including Microsoft 365 and G Suite)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in legal studies from Strayer University