Nonprofit Budgeting Certification

Nonprofit budget expert Bill Hoffman will share straightforward steps to create a meaningful budget your organization will use throughout the next fiscal year. You will learn how to reflect your organization’s goals, engage key team members, and achieve widespread acceptance.

Sessions Include:

  • Overview of Budgeting
  • The Budget Process
  • Creating a Budget
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Training Overview

Budget time? Set a plan for your July 2022–June 2023 fiscal year.

For nonprofits with a July–June fiscal year, now is the time to start the budget process. The lingering pandemic, fluctuating donations, changing government requirements, and increasing demand for services create uncertainty. Nevertheless, you must nail down your numbers soon.

You can apply proven best practices and engage people throughout your organization to transform your budget into a critical component of your nonprofit’s financial management strategy.

To help you accomplish this goal, we have assembled a series of three information-packed webinars that will provide a valuable certification and help you advance your career.

Nonprofit Budgeting Certification

Session 1: Overview of Budgeting

  • The value of a well-thought-through budget
  • Who should be involved in the budget process
  • Types of budgets and the best fit for your organization
  • Budget goals
  • Uses for a budget
  • Best practices for using a budget for financial management

Session 2: The Budget Process

  • Outline of the budgeting process
  • How to get input for the budget
  • Reports that support budget development
  • When an unbalanced budget is acceptable
  • Restricted and unrestricted fund balances
  • Notes and documentation

Session 3: Creating a Budget

  • Creating a budget template
  • Addressing personnel expenses and handling raises
  • Expense line-item budgeting
  • Revenues to include
  • Strategies for balancing the budget
  • Creating a budget narrative to help with budget acceptance
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Nonprofit chief executives
  • Executive directors
  • Financial officers
  • Board members
  • Development staff
  • Consultants
  • Senior management
  • Marketing staff
  • Financial staff
  • Fundraising staff
  • Program directors
  • Budget managers
  • Department heads
  • Grant managers
What's included
Training includes
  • Nonprofit Budgeting Certification
  • All resources and training materials

Expert Presenter

Bill Hoffman
  • Leads Bill Hoffman & Associates, a Tampa-based national consulting firm
  • Prolific author and frequent presenter on topics related to nonprofit leadership, board effectiveness, essentials of successful planning, and maximizing foundation investments
  • Previously the president of one of the nation’s top K-12 education foundations, interim CEO for prominent national and state philanthropic organizations
  • Led national, regional, and state boards of directors
  • Developed the Certified Education Foundation Leader program for education foundation executive directors, a program delivered by one of the nation’s largest nonprofit universities and rolled out via the industry’s largest trade association
  • Adjunct Professor at National University, teaching nonprofit leadership and board development
  • Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of South Florida