Title IX Certification (Higher Education) for Investigators and Decisionmakers

Education law expert Rick Verstegen will help you understand an in-depth exploration of the new Title IX regulations, including essential definitions, investigation processes, and decision-making protocols. Ensure your institution is compliant and your team is well-trained. 

What You'll Learn

  • Title IX in General  
  • Specific Topics under Title IX
  • Title IX Reports and Complaints  
  • Case Studies on August 2024 Regulations 
  • All courses include a PDF version of the presentation slides along with any additional materials or resources provided by the presenter
  • One certification exam attempt is included
Title IX Certification (Higher Education) for Investigators and Decisionmakers
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4 Live Sessions

Each 90 Minutes

Tuesday - Friday

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Training Overview

2024 Title IX Compliance Deadline Approaching: Enhance Your Compliance Skills Before August 1st!

Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination in education programs receiving federal funds. Complaints in 2024 include harassment and discrimination in athletics or during pregnancy. Proper handling requires following legal steps and adequate training.

This advanced certification will equip all staff involved in Title investigations, grievance procedures, and supportive measures with the tools to manage Title IX cases, including discrimination in athletics and pregnancy accommodations, ensuring compliance. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the new Title IX regulations, covering essential definitions, investigation processes, and decision-making protocols. Ensure your institution's compliance and equip your team with the necessary training. 

Title IX Certification (Higher Education) for Investigators and Decisionmakers 

Webinar 1: Title IX in General  

  • History, purpose, and scope of Title IX 
  • Current procedural requirements, including designating a Title IX Coordinator, adopting grievance procedures, and disseminating a notice of non-discrimination 
  • Training requirements and roles of the various individuals in the Title IX process  
  • Initial steps and investigation techniques 
  • Obligation to address conduct, scope of discrimination, and notification requirements  
  • Scope of discrimination, including sex-based harassment  
  • Notification requirements  

Webinar 2: Specific Topics under Title IX  

  • Policies related to sex discrimination 
  • Grievance procedures for sex discrimination 
  • Athletics, including accommodating interests and abilities 
  • Pregnancy and related conditions, including providing modifications  
  • Employment and overlap with Title VII 
  • LGBTQ+ issues, including addressing policies and procedures  
  • Case studies involving different common issues presented under Title IX  

Webinar 3: Title IX Reports and Complaints  

  • Identifying Requirements for Reporting Sex Discrimination   
  • Title IX Coordinator Response, including supportive measures  
  • Addressing complaints, including notice of allegations  
  • Role of the Title IX Investigator once a complaint is filed, including  
  • Role of Informal Resolution Facilitator  
  • Assessing credibility and impartiality and considering issues of relevance to create an investigation report 
  • Role of decision-makers in making determinations on sex discrimination and appeals of determinations and dismissals  

Webinar 4: Case Studies on August 2024 Regulations  

  • Test your knowledge of Title IX with several scenarios on sex discrimination, including within athletics, pregnancy, and sex-based harassment  
  • Compliance review, including a records audit and knowledge of investigators 
  • Other legal issues, including retaliation, recordkeeping, confidentiality, First Amendment and student records concerns 
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • School superintendents 
  • Human resource directors 
  • Title IX investigators 
  • Title IX Decisionmakers 
  • Legal counsel 
  • Student services directors 
  • Other administrators 
  • Other persons responsible for implementing grievance procedures 

Expert Presenter

Richard F. Verstegen
  • Partner with Boardman & Clark, LLP of Madison, Wisconsin
  • School Law Practice Group and Labor and Employment Group
  • Represents educational institutions in a variety of education law matters
  • Published many articles regarding education and employment law
  • Former president of the Wisconsin School Attorneys Association
  • Current member of the State Bar of Wisconsin
  • JD degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School

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