Tonia Morris
Tonia Morris is the founder and President of Simply HR, Inc. and a generational connector for multi-generations in the workforce. Tonia has a Bachelors in Business Administration from University South Florida. She has presented hundreds of highly acclaimed workshops, keynotes, and webinars over the last ten years. As a generational connector, her focus is helping organizations build a generational-inclusive workplace. She accomplishes this through professional development and leadership training through her Multi-Generational Institute.
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Professional achievements:
Founder and CEO of Simply HR Inc. – Catalyst for Culture Change
Over 25 years of human resource leadership experience
2019 Stevie Business Award recipient
Experience in government, manufacturing, retail, non-profit, technology, education, and financial services sectors
Delivers dynamic training and webinars
Holds certifications in Myers Briggs, DISC, diversity, and executive coaching
Graduate of the University of South Florida school of business
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