[2-Part Series] How-To Guide: QuickBooks® For Your Nonprofit

National nonprofit QuickBooks® trainer Gregg S. Bossen CPA will take you step-by-step through how to best use QuickBooks® for your nonprofit organization.

Sessions Included:

  • The Best Setup For Nonprofits
  • Methods For Entering Transactions: Revenue and Expenses
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Training Overview

Quickly master QuickBooks® before the year ends. Be blown away with time-saving nonprofit reports.

As the last quarter of 2021 gets underway, the end of the year is not far behind. You need to wrap up the financials quickly so you can prepare critical reports and government filings. QuickBooks® can make those processes much easier if you configure it now. This is also an ideal time to solidify account designations and settings before the first transaction of 2022 hits your system.

In this lively and interactive two-part webinar series, you will learn how to set your books up correctly (or fix your current setup) and efficiently enter typical nonprofit transactions. You will be able to produce the reports you need for your board, finance committee, management team, and accountant.

How-To Guide: QuickBooks® For Your Nonprofit

QuickBooks® Desktop

QuickBooks® Online

Day 1: The Best Setup For Nonprofits

QuickBooks® Desktop

QuickBooks® Online

  • Choosing which QuickBooks® version you should get
  • Understanding the home page
  • Navigating the screens and windows
  • Connecting your QuickBooks® to your bank for transaction downloads
  • Creating a Chart of Accounts to make your board and auditors happy
  • Tracking your programs via the class feature
  • Adding your donors, members, students, and vendors
  • Budgeting in QuickBooks® and comparing to actual results

Day 2: Methods For Entering Transactions: Revenue and Expenses

QuickBooks® Desktop

QuickBooks® Online

  • Entering your transactions and programs: a step-by-step walk-through
  • Entering donations and grants income
  • Recording membership dues, contracts, and other earned revenue
  • Using the product/service list effectively
  • Entering and paying bills
  • Writing and printing checks
  • Entering debit cards and drafts
  • Downloading and assigning transactions from your bank
  • Using QuickBooks® as a database
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Nonprofit chief executives
  • Executive directors
  • Development staff
  • Financial staff
  • Fundraising staff
  • External bookkeepers
  • Program directors
  • Grant managers
  • Auditors
What's included
Training includes
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • All resources and training materials

Expert Presenter

Gregg S. Bossen
  • Leader and primary trainer at QuickBooks® Made Easy™
  • Teaches QuickBooks® seminars around the country for various groups, conducts webinars, provides technical support to hundreds of clients, and offers one-on-one consulting
  • Nation’s leading expert for nonprofits that use QuickBooks®
  • Funny and entertaining
  • Certified Public Accountant