Gregg S. Bossen
Since 2000, QuickBooks® Made Easy™ has been teaching QuickBooks® seminars around the country. Our leader and primary trainer Gregg S. Bossen, CPA, is not only an expert in the program, but he is the nation’s leading expert when it comes to nonprofits that use QuickBooks®. Gregg’s teaching style is funny and entertaining, and his energy and knowledge of Nonprofits make his classes a unique experience. Gregg has taught new users as well as other CPAs, who are themselves considered experts in the software. In total, we have taught over 3,500 seminars to more than 55,000 students.
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Professional achievements:
Leader and primary trainer at QuickBooks® Made Easy™
Teaches QuickBooks® seminars around the country for various groups, conducts webinars, provides technical support to hundreds of clients, and offers one-on-one consulting
Nation’s leading expert for nonprofits that use QuickBooks®
Funny and entertaining
Certified Public Accountant
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Courses run by Gregg S. Bossen

  • [2-Part Series] How-To Guide: QuickBooks® For Your Nonprofit
    [2-Part Series] How-To Guide: QuickBooks® For Your Nonprofit