ACH Boot Camp: A 5-Part Series

ACH experts Kimberly Ellis, Jennifer A. Miller, and Eric Wester will guide you through the intricacies of the complex ACH network. They will share real-life examples to illustrate how originating and receiving institutions handle transactions.

Self-paced series now available! Learn today with the self-paced option and get expert answers to your questions after the sessions.

Topics Covered

  • ACH Rules Basics
  • ACH Receiving 101
  • ACH Origination 101
  • ACH Risk 101
  • ACH Products 101
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Training Overview

Master ACH and Advance Your Career!

Learn the basics in this fast-paced boot camp.

The demand is increasing for professionals with ACH expertise, and now is the best time to upskill and learn the fundamentals of this vital component of banking infrastructure. Professionals with this specialized skillset can increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk for their financial institutions, and advance their careers at the same time.

Our engaging five-part boot camp will guide you through the basics of the Nacha rules, processes, risks, and products.

This program will enable you to:

  • Discover the roles of the ACH participants and how they interact
  • Understand the Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes and their applications
  • Master ACH transaction flows from originator to recipient
  • Advance your career

ACH Bootcamp: A 5-Part Series

Session 1: ACH Rules Basics

  • Rules of ACH
  • Consequences of failing to comply
  • Techniques to educate clients and members
  • Best practices to confirm adherence

Session 2: ACH Receiving 101

  • Responsibilities of receiving financial institutions
  • Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes used by receiving institutions
  • ACH file content and format related to receiving
  • Procedures for handling exceptions

Session 3: ACH Origination 101

  • Responsibilities of originating financial institutions
  • Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes used by originating institutions
  • ACH file content and format related to origination
  • Returns and reversals

Session 4: ACH Risk 101

  • Four main types of risk associated with ACH processing
  • Strategies to mitigate risk
  • Transaction red flags
  • Best practices for an ACH risk assessment

Session 5: ACH Products 101

  • Overview of ACH products
  • Services in highest demand by account holders
  • Interconnections of the various ACH services
  • Strategies to maximize the value of your ACH offerings
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • ACH operations staff
  • Operations managers
  • Operations training staff
  • Backup operations staff
  • Internal auditors
  • Deposit compliance staff
  • Professionals at financial institutions who interact with third-party senders
What's included
Training includes
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • All resources and training materials

Expert Presenter

Kim Ellis
  • Director of Education at UMACHA
  • 17 years of banking experience, focusing on deposit operations and compliance management AAP
  • Works with business customers in the community bank market
  • Provides assistance and support for ACH and cash management services

Expert Presenter

Jennifer A. Miller
  • Director of Training at UMACHA
  • 25 years of baking experience, most recently in software product management, design, and consulting AAP
  • Works with financial institutions and corporations to provide education and training on electronic payments
  • Focuses on balancing regulation with managing market expectations in innovative ways

Expert Presenter

Eric Wester
  • Associate Director of Education Services at UMACHA
  • Over a decade of banking experience
  • Former Operations Payment Managing Officer at a regional bank, overseeing all aspects of ACH processing, including oversight of the origination and receipt ACH functions
  • AAP (Accredited ACH Professional)
  • APRP (Accredited Payments Risk Professional)