How to Better Manage Your Fundraising Team

Strategic nonprofit leader Ellen Bristol will reveal concrete tactics you can apply immediately to engage your fundraising team. You will learn how to infuse renewed vigor to increase donations.

What You'll Learn

  • How can you identify disengaged and stressed-out team members?
  • How can managers support their teams?
  • What tactics will enable you to clarify performance expectations?
  • What is the value of team building? How can you harness it?
  • What resources will help you improve engagement?
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Training Overview

Post-Pandemic Energy for Your Fundraising Team, Infuse renewed vigor to increase donations.

As your organization emerges from the pandemic, employee engagement is more critical than ever. Over the last year, nonprofit organizations and their teams faced unprecedented demands while funding was compromised, and the economy began a downward slide. Many nonprofit staff members and volunteers are burnt-out, exhausted, and disengaged.

You need to return your team to high engagement. Your nonprofit cannot afford to lose momentum. The less engaged your team becomes, the more likely you will be to lose funding, lay off workers, and reduce your ability to serve clients. You can take proven steps immediately to move your team from blah to hurrah.

  • How can you identify disengaged and stressed team members?
  • Why is it necessary to be a coaching manager to support your team?
  • How can you clarify performance expectations at every level?
  • What is the value of team building?
  • What resources can help you improve employee engagement?
Recommended Audience
Who Should Attend?
  • Chief executives
  • Executive directors
  • Board members
  • Nonprofit counsel
  • Senior management
  • Financial staff
  • Managers
  • Development staff
  • Program directors
What's included
Training includes
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • All resources and training materials

Expert Presenter

Ellen Bristol
  • Founded Bristol Strategy Group in 1995
  • Thought leader in managing the performance of the revenue-generating teams in nonprofits, B-Corps, and social enterprises
  • Developer of the Fundraising the SMART Way™ methodology
  • Designer of the long-term research project The Leaky Bucket Assessment for Effective Fundraising
  • 20-year career as a major-account sales representative for Fortune 50 companies
  • Repurposed the most meaningful and proven disciplines of strategic sales management to the nonprofit sector