Audit Report Writing Certification

Audit expert Daniel Clark will guide you in making your reports come alive with useful details, clear explanations, and actionable insights. You will learn how to write better while completing documents more efficiently.

Sessions Included:

  • The 5 C’s Of Writing
  • The 7 Pitfalls Of Report Writing
  • The Audit Report
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    Training Overview

    Are your audit reports comprehensive? Learn how to add more meaning in less time.

    Audit report standards have evolved in 2022, requiring you to keep up-to-date with requirements to provide the documents that executives, regulators, and other stakeholders expect.

    Auditors must write meaningful reports, memos, white papers, and presentations to convey information, influence their organizations, and enhance their careers. Writing is a skill that benefits from attention, refinement, and focus.

    You can use different writing styles and alternative communication approaches to increase impact and save time. By reinforcing techniques, you can master your communication routine.

    To help you hone your writing and reduce the effort you need to invest in preparing audit reports, we have assembled a three-part workshop:

    Audit Report Writing Certification

    Part 1: The 5 C’s Of Writing

    • Overview of the five C’s of writing
    • Eliminating writing weaknesses
    • How to write findings
    • How to write exceptions

    Part 2: The 7 Pitfalls Of Report Writing

    • Overview of the seven pitfalls of report writing
    • How to avoid common mistakes to write a compelling report
    • Alternative views on communications
    • Converting findings and exceptions into dynamic issues

    Part 3: The Audit Report

    • Design and content of dynamic audit reports
    • Audience, format, and purpose
    • Executive summary tips
    • Techniques to frame issues in a way readers will appreciate
    Recommended Audience
    Who Should Attend?
    • Auditors
    • Senior auditors
    • Audit managers
    • Audit leaders
    • Audit committee members
    What's included
    Training includes
    • Audit Report Writing Certification
    • All resources and training materials

    Expert Presenter

    Daniel A. Clark
    • Over 30 years of experience in the financial industry
    • Focused on risk management and internal audit for the last 19 years
    • Previously director of operations for internal audit at GE Capital
    • Industry public speaker
    • Wrote the book Dare to Be Different: An Auditors Personal Guide to Excellence